Hale Village Tennis Club

Hale Village Tennis Club

Hale Village Tennis club has a defibrillator installed in an outdoor cabinet, visible on site as part of their health and safety for members and staff in the event of a sudden cardiac emergency.

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12th June  2024


Aquamatic Ltd Local Story  

Aquamatic Ltd

With a busy warehouse and office daily, Jaimie Pendleberry, the Production Manager at Aquamatic knows all about the importance of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and the importance of having defibrillators in the workplace.

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29th May 2024


southport saviours

Southport Saviours

Richard Moore, who is a trustee at Southport Saviours is a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) survivor. After his SCA he is now reevaluating his priorities in life and wants to give something back with his passion for helping others resulting in the creation of Southport Saviours.

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20th Apr 2024


st johns

St John's The Baptist Church Irlam

Robert, who is the vicar at St John's the Baptist Church in Irlam recently installed a publicly accessible defibrillator and outdoor cabinet. They pride themselves to be relaxed and friendly with a gentle and prayerful atmosphere.

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23rd Mar 2024


Grant Williams-2

Grant Williams

Grant, who is a fitness instructor at the Training Station 2 in Liverpool was preparing for a marathon when he suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) while jogging with a group of his friends.

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29th Feb 2024



Hale Civic Society

Denise, who is involved in installing publicly accessible defibrillators in and around the Hale area has a passion in educating others of the importance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of a defibrillator in a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency.

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20th Jan 2024


pennine mencap

Pennine Mencap

 Pennine Mencap provide opportunities for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs in Oldham, Tameside and throughout Greater Manchester to create, achieve and express themselves in day to day life.

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20th Dec 2023 



Heart Health In Business 

Heart Health in Business was set up in November 2022 by Sophie Owen. It is a group that is aimed at raising awareness in the workplace.

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29th Nov 2023 


Chris Bryan

Chris Bryan

Chris is a volunteer Community First Responder (CFR) working alongside with the local ambulance service attending life threatening emergencies in his local community.

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29th Oct 2023 



CH Nutrition & Training

Chris Hilton, who owns CH Nutrition and Training based in Irlam has recently installed a defibrillator in his gym that he won in our 20th birthday business giveaway. He wanted to ensure the safety of his staff and members in an environment where the heart can be pushed to its limit.

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31st Sept 2023 


lagans (1)

Lagan's Foundation

Lagan’s Foundation is a Bolton based children’s charity that provides in-home, and in the community respite care to families in the Northwest who have children that have complex health needs, specialising in heart defects and feeding Issues. 

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31st Aug  2023 



Douglas Cardiac Trust

The trust was created to raise awareness about the need for defibrillators by fundraising in and around the local community. The Trust provides financial support for first responder groups within Tarleton and keeps the area ready in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) emergency. 

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29th Jul 2023 


minutes matter

Minutes Matter

Minutes Matter was set up by Claire Axon, who lost her late husband Neil on Christmas morning in 2012, he was aged just 39.  Claire wanted to start fundraising to educate others on the importance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of defibrillators.

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30th Jun 2023 


vic american pan uk

American Pan UK

American Pan UK have recently installed a defibrillator and indoor cabinet at their warehouse in Irlam, West Manchester. Catalin Sfeatcu kindly invited us to American Pan UK to see the defibrillator in situ and learn why he has decided to invest in a device for the safety of his colleagues.

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24 May 2023 




Finning has donated 23 defibrillators to charities and organisations chosen by its staff as it renewed its current provision. In support of its commitment to sustainability and reusing equipment where possible.

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20 Apr 2023 


urmston pub

The Urmston Pub

The Urmston Pub has recently installed a public assess defibrillator located on the outside wall of the pub to ensure the surrounding community is heart safe in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest emergency.

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13 Mar 2023