Heart Health in Business was set up in November 2022 by Sophie Owen. It is a group that is aimed at raising awareness in the workplace.

Sophie was just 17 when she discovered a neighbour trying to resuscitate her dad, Chris, who had collapsed outside the family home, after cardiac arrest in 2019. 

Since that sad day, Sophie has gained a passion in raising awareness for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), defibrillators and CPR across the UK whilst featuring on BBC East Midlands, newspapers, radio and magazines, as she doesn’t want anyone else to experience the pain she did just because the right equipment is not nearby.


The group was created to make businesses aware they have a responsibility to educate and look after their staff along with preventing sudden cardiac deaths from happening.

The LinkedIn group is a great supportive community for those with heart issues and those affected by the topic, whilst also educating the topic of SCA and CPR less scary and taboo to those who are new to the subject.

In November 2023, Sophie and her family received a donated defibrillator from defibshop to install in the memory of her father. She decided to install this at Ashorne Hill along with a memorial plaque.

Sophie Owen 3-1

At the installation event Sophie expressed her passion for what she does and added “After the loss of my father to a sudden cardiac arrest in 2019, I have suffered with PTSD and the indescribable grief of losing my dad when I was 17.” 

“My dad had his own training and development business (CBO Business Development) so I was taught from a young age about having a growth mindset and being resilient during hard times. As a JLR People Chapter employee, I was truly excited to donate a life saving defibrillator package to Ashorne Hill, which I was lucky enough to win through my dedicated group Heart Health in Business on LinkedIn.” 

“Since joining JLR, my growth and development journey started in collaboration with Ashorne Hill on the graduate training programme, so I felt it was very fitting to give back to a very special place that aids in developing JLR employees like myself.”


“With my father being so dedicated to growth and development in his business, I felt it was truly fitting and a place my dad would have loved also. Heart Health in Business is a dedicated group set on educating others on heart disease prevention, teaching CPR and the use of defibrillators in emergencies.”

“Everyone is welcome to join the community to help me make an impact in memory of my father and to save lives. I am proudly donating this defibrillator to Ashorne Hill on behalf of Heart Health in Business and JLR.”

We are delighted and proud of Sophie for her continuous awareness around SCA and constant hard work in the Heart Health in Business group. Sophie now has a defibrillator installed in memory of her father and has described defibshop as “        Sensitive and compassionate in regards to a very upsetting topic, a welcoming team that go above and beyond and push to do the right thing rather than just selling a product for profit”

To support and join Sophie’s Heart Health in Business group, click here

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