Chris is a volunteer Community First Responder (CFR) working alongside with the local ambulance service attending life threatening emergencies in his local community. He recently won a defibrillator in our 20th business birthday giveaway. 

Chris decided to enter the competition to receive a defibrillator so he can be available for emergency calls even when he is not on duty as a CFR. A key role of the CFR is to deliver early defibrillation and CPR at sudden cardiac arrest before emergency services arrive.

Raising awareness in Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Defibrillators

As a CFR, Chris’ secondary role is to teach people in his community how to perform CPR and to use a defibrillator. Early defibrillation is factually known to improve the chance of survival, he expressed his pride to be able to share his skills and show others how they too can make a difference.

In the summer, Chris and his daughter took part in a charity walk on behalf of his local CFR scheme to raise funds and while doing so checked any visible Public Access Defibrillators along the way. They walked just over 20 miles, and raised a fantastic £700 and checked the pads and batteries on 21 defibrillators along the way to make sure they are in working condition.

Keeping The Local Community Safe 

When Chris is not on duty as a CFR, he doesn't have direct access to a defibrillator. This changed when he won one of our giveaway devices . He is a member of the GoodSAM emergency responders ready to be allocated to emergencies should they arise in his local area. As a trained volunteer, his intention is to use the defibrillator in support of this, providing life-saving intervention whilst awaiting arrival of the emergency services.

Chris mainly works from home which is on a large housing estate. Whilst the surrounding areas are well covered by AEDs, his housing estate isn’t. Having this defibrillator available will help if an emergency arises in the community. Chris will also be taking this defibrillator in his car when out on his travels.

 “My wife and I are keen festival goers and will take it with us when we attend these events”. 

Chris’ workplace doesn’t have a defibrillator and on the days that he attends the office, he will have it present with him.

The benefits of being a CFR

Having the defibrillator available means that the coverage in his local area is improved. There are now five defibrillators available. Chris is extremely proud of the work he does as a CFR and having this defibrillator available at all times brings greater reassurance should it be required for the local community


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