Steve Ross

Steve Ross's Story

On 24th June 2021 Steve Ross suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) whilst on the 18th tee playing Four-ball golf at Cleethorpes Golf Club.

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2 Feb 2022


Blog 3

22-month-old toddler survives sudden cardiac arrest

The family had just arrived at Llangors Lake where they had planned on spending the weekend when their young son began to experience breathing difficulties.

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15 Oct 2019


defibshop blog

defibshop’s Top Success Stories

We’ve had a lot of successes over the years. In fact, each of the 22,000+ defibrillators we’ve sold in the UK since 2003 counts as a major success in our eyes.

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16 April 2019


Blog 5

Natalie Guilfoyle’s Story of Survival

Natalie sadly fell victim to sudden cardiac arrest In the UK alone, 30,000 people fall victim to SCA and without immediate treatment, 90% - 95% of victim’s will not survive.

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4 Jan 2019


Save stories

Teenage Water Patrol Brothers Save Swimmer from Cardiac Arrest

On Thursday 2nd August 2018, a gentleman Kenny Riley became unresponsive in the water.  Matthew pulled Kenny onto his boat and took him back to dry land where the brothers began to deliver effective CPR before a defibrillator was used.

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7 Aug 2018


football team

Stuart Richie's Story of Survival

A football team had made a decision last year to use some of their funds to purchase a defibrillator. Their player Stuart reached an area off the pitch where he collapsed. His head hit the ground and his fellow players rushed to his side.

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16 Jul 2018



Referee saved by defibrillator donated by defibshop

On Saturday 5th November 2017 at Cadishead Sports Junior Football Club’s home ground, referee Steve Smith had kicked off the under-10’s football match as normal. However, 10 minutes in, with no prior symptoms or complaints, Steve collapsed to the ground.

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1 Dec 2017


Funreal defib

Man saved by defibrillator while attending his father's funeral

Chanterlands Crematorium received their defibrillator from defibshop, bought as part of an order for Hull City Council earlier this year. The defibrillator, which is a Heartsine Samaritan Pad 360P, had only been delivered to the premises 2 weeks before a gentleman suffered a cardiac arrest while attending his father’s funeral.

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28 Nov 2017


Defib saved

Defibrillator saves 75-year-old woman at dental surgery

On Monday 20th November 2017, a 75-year-old woman was attending a regular hygienist appointment at Clifton Dental Practice when she became unresponsive in the chair.

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23 Nov 2017



Defibrillator Saves 8-Year-Old in St. Ives

Whilst enjoying a holiday in the coastal town of St. Ives with her parents and two siblings, on November 1st 2017 an 8-year-old girl fell victim to Sudden Cardiac Arrest with no prior warning. Thanks to effective CPR and a defibrillator being ready for use, she survived.

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21 Nov 2017



Ian saved by defibrillator after cardiac arrest in gym

Ian Davies went to the gym like any other day and started his workout on the treadmill like always. Except, this workout wouldn’t be like any other workout Ian had done in his life. Sadly, during this workout, Ian fell victim to Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

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17 Nov 2017


defibs (1)

Tony saved by colleagues and defibrillator following cardiac arrest

On the 26th April 2017, Tony Hill from Renaker Build, started his shift like every other day at 6.30am.  Except this day was different. On this day, Tony suffered a life-threatening cardiac arrest.

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17 Oct 2017