Electrode pads are a key component when ensuring your defibrillator is ready to be used in a rescue. It is through the electrode pads that a shock is delivered from the defibrillator to the patient.

Ensuring you have at least one set of in-date electrode pads is essential for a successful rescue. It is recommended to carry a spare set of defibrillation pads to ensure your defibrillator is ready to be used in a rescue at all times. We offer electrode pad bundles (2 sets of electrode pads with a small saving) for customers who wish to have a spare set of pads readily available in the event of an emergency. 

It is important to note that all electrode pads have an expiration date. Electrode pad shelf life varies depending on the defibrillator's make and model.

Pads only need replacing at the end of their shelf life unless they are used prior to this date as they are single-use only. It is the responsibility of the Guardian to be aware of when to order replacements.

At defibshop, we assist defibrillator guardians through our FREE reminder service. Our expiry reminders will alert you that a set of pads or a battery is due to expire. The responsibility to keep track of multiple dates and locations ultimately lies with the defibrillator guardian. Register Your Expiries


Reasons Electrode Pads Expire

Electrode pads contain a special conductive adhesive gel and, over time, the chemicals in the gel begin to break down and the gel dries out. This will not happen overnight when the expiry date is reached, but the pads will provide less effective adhesion and conductivity the older they are.

As the gel dries out, the pads may not adhere to skin sufficiently, especially during CPR. Reduced conductivity has the potential to result in incorrect heart rhythm readings during the analysis phase as well as insufficient shock delivery. Electrode pads must be within their expiration date for the best chance of achieving life-saving results in a rescue.

Regular checks on your defibrillator and ensuring the pads and batteries are in date can be the difference between life and death. 


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