Defibrillators save lives. It's important to protect and maintain your device to ensure it remains ready to be used in an emergency and able to provide a life-saving shock if required. 

Everyday Responsibilites

According to the Resuscitation Council, there are approximately 60,000 cardiac arrests in the UK each year, 90-95% of which are fatal. Effective CPR combined with a shock from a life-saving defibrillator is the only definitive treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

Whilst all defibrillators do carry out their own regular self-tests, it's important for the defibrillator guardian to carry out their own checks on the device too. It is the responsibility of the defibrillator guardian to replace the necessary parts after the device has been used and/or when they are due to expire. We recommend keeping a spare set of electrode pads so they can be replaced instantly if required.


After a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Event

In the unfortunate event that requires the use of a defibrillator, the actions you take following the rescue are also very important to ensure the device remains in a ready-to-rescue state.

Once the emergency services have taken the casualty to hospital, there are certain steps to follow to assist in the aftercare of the event and to prepare the defibrillator to be used again, if required.

  1. You may be required to fill out post-event documentation
  2. You may be asked to download the event data (such as ECG the time and the number of shocks given)
  3. Return the defibrillator to where it is usually kept so it can be found if needed again
  4. Replenish your defibrillator (order replacement adult pads or paediatric pads if you don't have a spare set of the ones that have been used, check the battery charge and replace anything that was used from the rescue kit)
  5. Debrief. Was there anything that could have been done differently? Training may be required to provide further confidence and skills for potential future scenarios

Whether or not you have purchased your defibrillator or accessories from us previously, we remind you when your products are coming up for expiry with our FREE reminder service. When you order replacement parts from us, we automatically store the expiry dates to remind you in advance via email that your consumables are due to be replaced.


Get Your Defibrillator Serviced

We offer an Annual AED Service for anyone who owns a defibrillator, whether it was purchased from us or not. During a defibrillator service, one of our expert team members will attend your premises to carry out comprehensive visual and physical checks on your defibrillator to ensure it's in full working condition.

The defibrillator pads and battery must be in date in order to pass the service for you to receive your certificate. 


More Information

For more information or advice on topics surrounding defibrillators and Sudden Cardiac Arrest, visit our Resource Centre or get in touch with a member of the team.

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