Defibrillator maintenance is a critical part of your defibrillator journey.

All health and safety managers working in the facilities management industry have a duty of care to look after the safety and wellbeing of their staff.

Within many organisations, people believe that after you’ve purchased a defibrillator then that’s it. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Once you buy a defibrillator you need to maintain it. From reviewing the pads and batteries to carrying out a full health check, there are a number of regular checks that need to be done to keep your automated external defibrillator (AED) in full working condition.

Here we have listed three key defibrillator maintenance requirements for those working in the facilities management industry.


Pads and battery review

Batteries and electrode pads are marked with expiry dates that the owner must be aware of along with the readiness indicator. The readiness indicators change when the defibrillator fails its self-test. One of the key reasons defibrillators fail their self-test is due to expired accessories. Pads and batteries need to be changed every couple of years, however, they will need to be changed after use. Having multiple sets of pads ensures you're always ready to respond in the event of an emergency.


Full health check

Your defibrillator needs to be serviced once a year. The yearly health checks test the machines ability to recognise different heart rhythms and stipulate the correct action. As with any life-saving machinery, the benefits of having regular health checks will pick up any faults and ensure that the device is ready for use all year round.



Your first-aid responders should receive regular training on how to use the machine properly and effectively. Ideally, these should be booked when, or just after, the device has been installed and if new members of your team have first-aid responsibilities. Plus, refresher courses are a great way to top up your skills to stop them deteriorating.


How to maintain your defibrillator with defibshop’s defibcare package

defibcare is defibshop’s very own maintenance package. We have four different maintenance levels that provide businesses with the tools to ensure your defibrillator is well-maintained and ready to use at all times.

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