For your life-saving defibrillator to be promptly located and retrieved in an emergency, it must be visible. Storage and Signage ensures your defibrillator remains protected from environmental elements and visible to passers-by.

Defibrillator Exposure

Consider the following steps for ensuring your defibrillator does not go unnoticed:

  • Training – People who frequently walk past your defibrillator are most likely to use it in an emergency, training helps to prepare for this.
  • Wall Signs – For boosted visibility and to ensure your device is not mistaken for anything other than a life-saving defibrillator, a wall sign will help it to further stand out.
  • Location – Where you house your defibrillator is important. It should be central and ideally no more than a 3-minute round trip away from anywhere on the premises.

Following a cardiac arrest, the chance of survival decreases by approximately 10% for every minute that passes without treatment. A defibrillator that stands out is likely to be noticed and retrieved promptly in an emergency, ensuring immediate treatment is provided increasing the victim’s chance of survival.


Safely Stored

It is important to keep your defibrillator safe whilst ensuring it is not hidden. Cabinets ensure your device stays protected and visible. There are two types of cabinets to consider, indoor cabinets and outdoor cabinets depending on how you wish to store your device.  the optional extras of strobe lights and alarms are available to alert of an emergency, encouraging assistance from people nearby.

Wall mounts and brackets are a simple solution to store your defibrillator keeping it visible and accessible within a secure, indoor environment such as an office.


More Information

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