When considering storage for your defibrillator, it's important to ensure your device remains protected but visible.

The AED Armor Illuminated High Impact Perspex Indoor Cabinet is an ideal indoor storage solution for any defibrillator. Knowing where to find your nearest defibrillator saves time in an emergency. AED Armor's High Impact Perspex cabinet not only ensures your defibrillator is stored safely indoors prior to use, but it also allows your life-saving device to remain visible to bystanders.

The cabinet displays simple instructions for responders to follow as guidance during an emergency, so they can feel confident in the treatment they're delivering.

Delivering treatment within 3-5 minutes after the person has collapsed increases their chance of survival from approximately 6% to 74%.

Ensuring passersby are aware of your defibrillator and making it easily retrievable may be the difference between life or death. The AED Armor Illuminated High Impact Perspex Indoor Cabinet is suitable for any make and model of defibrillator. The cabinet lights up through a 3-pin plug to highlight the presence of a life-saving defibrillator and the cabinet door has a magnetic closure.


Other Storage Options

At defibshop, we offer a range of other indoor cabinets which are also suitable for all defibrillators. Visit the Storage & Signage section of our website to explore more ways to protect your device and keep it visible. If you plan on keeping your defibrillator outdoors, an outdoor cabinet is required to protect your defibrillator from harsh weather conditions.


More Information

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