Have you ever considered how your defibrillator functions when the weather gets cold?

As temperatures begin to plummet and the cold frosty weather sets in, find out how cold weather can significantly impact how your defibrillator functions and performs.

Having the correct protection for your device and its components is essential to ensure your defib can be used in an emergency all year round.


Cold Impacts

Batteries are a core component as they provide your defibrillator with power to function and deliver life-saving treatment. The battery is also essential for ensuring your device is able to perform daily, weekly and monthly self-checks to remain in a fully optimal and working condition. The cold weather can drain batteries, affecting how your device performs.

Electrode pads are another core component as they allow your defibrillator to analyse heart rhythms and deliver a life-saving shock when required. When electrode pads become exposed to the cold, the gel on the adhesive pads can freeze and will be unable to be used in a cardiac emergency.


Storage Solution

To keep your defibrillator functioning during the Winter when stored outdoors for public access, you will need an outdoor heated cabinet. This protects the defib and adjusts accordingly to ensure your life-saving device is kept at the right temperature and ready to be used in an emergency at all times.


Ideal Temperature

For optimal performance, it is recommended that your defibrillator is stored at a temperature of 0°C to 50°C.

When one or more of the device components fail, the readiness indicator on your defibrillator changes from what you usually see. For some models, you may notice the readiness indicator turned from green to red or from a tick to a cross. In some cases, the readiness status change will also be accompanied with bleeping to indicate that attention is required.


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