A healthy diet is an important factor in maintaining a healthy heart. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine improves your health, reduces blood pressure and helps maintain your weight. 

Different activities provide different benefits; have you introduced exercise into your daily life?



Swimming burns calories and increases your metabolism whilst avoiding any risk of injury or strain.

Swimming tones every part of your body and is classed as a cardiovascular activity; ensuring your heart benefits from this activity.



Cycling is another all-round exercise that benefits your overall health. Adding to cycling your day increases your muscle strength, flexibility, joint mobility and your cardiovascular fitness.

Cycling to work or going on a short ride benefits your overall health in multiple ways.



Yoga is a relaxing activity and helps to burn calories whilst moving fluidly from one pose to another. A primary benefit of yoga is increased cardio and circulatory health, ensuring your heart and circulatory system are healthy.

Yoga can be done in classes or in the comfort of your own home.



Whilst walking is a low-resistance exercise, just 20 minutes of walking a day significantly increases your heart's health. Time spent walking also decreases stress levels and lowers your blood pressure.


Get Active

Exercise provides significant health benefits for your whole body and improves your resistance to disease.

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Image by Skeeze from Pixabay.