Business owners have a duty of care to their staff whilst ensuring their safety in work. While there are various pieces of legislation in place, there is a potentially fatal event no legislation accounts for: cardiac arrest.

Defibrillator maintenance is on-going for owners; does this significantly impact on your business’s finances?


What Needs Maintaining?

Both electrode pads and batteries have expiry dates. These are the primary focus when replacing accessories for your defibrillator.

Electrode pads dry up over time as they are gel-based. Pads are one use only and require immediate replacement if used during a rescue.

Batteries deplete over time and have an expected shelf-life. Using the device impacts battery life significantly as it has delivered a shock. In some cases, the battery will require replacing after use.

The "Guardian" has the responsibility of overall defibrillator maintenance. Before expiry, replacements should be ordered to ensure the defibrillator remains ready-for-use.


How Much Does Maintaining your Defibrillator Cost?

Defibrillators vary in price as do their accessories. This is due to the additional features included with the defibrillator; the shelf-life and any additional pad features, such as CPR devices will also fluctuate the price of the accessories.

Check how much accessory replacements are so they are included in your budget.


Heart Safe Workplace

Defibrillators are the only devices that help victims of cardiac arrest. Delaying treatment decreases the survival chance by 10%. Providing treatment within 3-5 minutes after suffering the arrest increases their survival chance up to 74%.

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