You may have noticed us sharing a variety of heart safe locations from around the UK to our Social Media feeds in recent weeks as part of our #DiscoverADefib campaign.

Approximately 60,000 Sudden Cardiac Arrests occur each year in the UK. Sadly 90% are fatal, often due to a lack of treatment.

A defibrillator, along with effective CPR is the only effective treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). As SCA strikes at any time or place and often without warning, it’s important for all locations to be equipped with a life-saving defibrillator.

We want to shine a spotlight on as many defibrillator locations as possible across the UK. We need your help to do this.



Get involved

To get involved in our Discover a Defib campaign, send us your defibrillator pictures and the location you spotted them at.

There are life-saving defibrillators being installed in new locations every day and we want to highlight their presence so that in the event of an emergency you will already know where your nearest one is. This saves precious time when responding to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

When treatment is delivered within the first 3-5 minutes of a cardiac arrest taking place, the chance of survival increases from 6-74%. Therefore, you never want to be further than a 3-minute round trip away from a defibrillator.



Do you know where your nearest defib is?

It’s important to always know where your nearest defibrillator is located as you never know when you might have to use one. As you go to the park, gym, shops and any other public place, look around for your nearest defib.

Visit the #DiscoverADefib highlight over on our Instagram page where we feature #heartsafe UK locations. Any images you send in to us will be featured on here.

Send us your defib discovery pictures on Social Media, email or by tagging us or using the #DiscoverADefib hashtag to be featured.

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