Wind farms present multiple risks for employees, including electrocution, falling and fires. However, one risk is overlooked; Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 

Responsible for the generation of electricity, wind farms are hazardous environments for both employees and visitors. Within these hazardous environments, do defibrillators have a place?


The Benefits of Placing Defibrillators in Wind Farms

Wind farms are away from civilization for the safety of the population. Some are at sea to maximise the wind power. These workplaces span across large areas of land that are usually inaccessible to the public.

This simple aspect makes it increasingly difficult for Emergency Services to access any cardiac emergencies. Investing in a defibrillator and delivering treatment within 3-5 minutes of the victim collapsing increases their survival chance, from 6% to 74%.

Electrocution is a significant risk within wind farms. Continually working with high voltages puts employees at risk of electrocution which, in some instances, has led to cardiac arrest. Delaying treatment leads to a 10% decrease in the victim's survival chance.

The electric shock causes the heart to enter into a potentially fatal arrhythmia, either Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) or Ventricular Tachycardia (VT). During these arrhythmias, blood is not pumped around the body effectively, thus depriving the vital organs. The shock from a defibrillator and effective CPR is the only definitive treatment for victims of cardiac arrest.

Investing and installing a defibrillator in a wind farm could lead to saving a life.


SSE Invests

Energy company, SSE initially installed ZOLL AED Plus defibrillators across all their UK offices. Some invested in multiple defibrillators for each floor to ensure the protection of all staff and equipment availability.

SSE also invested in training for their staff in effective CPR and defibrillator usage. The decision was also made to equip their windfarms with HeartSine Samaritan PAD 360P defibrillators. Given their high IP rating of 56, they are able to withstand the harsh elements wind farms present on a daily basis.


Ready to Invest?

It is essential employers implement adequate safety procedures in all working conditions. Investing in a defibrillator for a wind farm demonstrates you're taking safety seriously.

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Photo by RawFilm on Unsplash