When your defibrillator encounters an error, it will not be ready for use. If your device is beeping, showing a red light or cross, it requires attention to return it to its optimum working condition. 

We've put together troubleshooting FAQs for your reference. If you require further assistance, please refer to your defibrillator manual or get in touch with our Customer Service team on 0161 776 7422.  


The Ready Light is Flashing

The ready light flashing highlights different issues for each defibrillator. Refer to your defibrillator's manual and perform a manual self-test. After completing the self-test the defibrillator will verbally diagnose the issue and provide instructions to rectify. 


My Defibrillator is Beeping

When a defibrillator beeps, it requires attention as one of the device's components has caused the device to fail its standard self-test. Refer to your defibrillator's manual and perform a manual test; this informs you of expired accessories or whether there's a specific error code. 

Visit the Troubleshooting section of our Resource Centre for troubleshooting advice and guidance on your specific defibrillator.


How Do I Properly Dispose of My Expired Electrode Pads?

Electrode pads can be recycled as part of the WEEE Regulations. Electrode pads may be disposed of as you would with normal waste.


How Do I Properly Dispose of My Defibrillator's Battery?

Batteries can be recycled as part of the WEEE Regulations. You can recycle your defibrillator battery as you would with any other battery.


What Checks Should I be Doing?

Defibrillators are equipped with the technology to perform regular self-tests to ensure the device is ready for use. The only checks you need to perform are weekly visual tests to ensure the readiness indicator is displaying a 'ready' status. 

Our Annual AED Service is available to anyone who owns a defibrillator. This involves carrying out comprehensive physical and visual checks on your defibrillator to provide added peace of mind that your device remains ready to be used in a rescue. 


Can I Place My Defibrillator Outdoors for Public Use?

Yes, absolutely. Placing a defibrillator outside requires investing in a heated outdoor cabinet that will ensure the device is kept at optimum working temperature whilst keeping it safe and secure.

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