We are working in partnership with ZOLL to offer a trade-in scheme that allows you to trade in your old defibrillator (any make and model) for a new  ZOLL AED Plus Semi or Fully Automatic at a discounted price.

The unit must be in working condition, and defibrillators that are out of warranty are also accepted.

If you have recently considered upgrading your defibrillator(s), now is the perfect time to trade in your old units and receive £100 against a brand new ZOLL AED Plus.


Reasons to Upgrade your defibrillator

If your current defibrillator still works, you may not think there is much point in upgrading your device. However, if your unit is now out of warranty, it might be worth upgrading, as any repairs that are required will come at a cost. It may be more financially viable to purchase a new defibrillator that will be covered under a new warranty period.

By purchasing a new unit, you will have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong with the defibrillator, a repair will be carried out at no additional cost to you. The older the unit, and therefore the further out of warranty, the more likely it is to encounter a fault that would prevent the device from being able to deliver life-saving treatment in the event of an emergency.

Some older units have now been discontinued. Manufacturers of obsolete defibrillators will continue to support the devices for as long as they remain under warranty by continuing to supply pads and batteries for them. Once this period comes to an end, the device is no longer supported and you will eventually be unable to replace the pads and batteries of an obsolete unit.

You might find with older units that you are having to replace the battery sooner than expected. For example, the battery in the Lifepak CR+ does deplete faster as it becomes older and unable to hold the charge as well. This will require you to purchase a CHARGE-PAK charging stick and Quickpak electrode pads more frequently and before the expiration date would be up to ensure your defibrillator remains powered. Due to the stock issues faced with this product this year and the fact that this defibrillator has been discontinued, we would strongly recommend replacing your LIFEPAK CR Plus with a new defibrillator to ensure your location remains heart safe.

The ZOLL AED Plus is a newer model that includes Real CPR Help Technology. The ZOLL AED Plus comes with CPRD pads that offer CPR feedback. Both the CPRD pads and the batteries that this unit requires have a shelf-life of up to 5 years. 


How Does it Work?

  • Fill in our form to start the Trade-In process
  • Once you've submitted the form on our website, one of our representatives will contact you and explain the returns process for your old unit
  • Send your old defibrillator back to the address you will be supplied - returns are sent at your own cost
  • When we receive your unit our representative will place your order for your new ZOLL AED Plus and discount the total by the agreed price
  • You will be invoiced for the new defibrillator
  • Once paid, we will ship your order out to you


More Information

To find out more about the ZOLL Trade-In scheme, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Customer Service team.

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