Ensuring your defibrillator is stocked up with the essential accessories allows the device to be used, during a cardiac emergency.

We explore the importance of defibrillator maintenance.



Maintaining Your Defibrillator

Pads & Batteries are marked with expiry dates that the “Guardian” of the defibrillator has the responsibility of noting alongside the readiness indicator’s status. Readiness indicators change when the defibrillator fails its self-test.

Readiness indicators differ depending on device; it is either a green or red disk, a tick or a cross or a flashing light. Owners should refer to the defibrillator manual to determine their device’s indicator. If this changes, the defibrillator requires attention. One reason for self-test failures is expired accessories. Without in-date accessories, your defibrillator is not available for use be used during a rescue.

Newer defibrillators, including the LIFEPAK CR2 and ZOLL AED 3 come equipped with WiFi and 3G connectivity that links the devices to Program Management Software allowing owners to remotely check on their devices. These software pieces alert the owners when defibrillators fail their self-tests and require attention.

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The Facts about Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest strikes with no prior warning and does not discriminate. It is an electrical malfunction of the heart that causes the organ to quiver. Unlike other cardiac events, factors including your current health condition, age and gender do not feature when determining the cause.

The only definitive treatment for Cardiac Arrest is effective CPR and a shock from a defibrillator. The shock, stops the patient’s heart allowing their natural pacemaker to restart in a natural rhythm. After the shock has been delivered, responders should follow the instructions provided by the defibrillator until medical assistance arrives.

SCA Aware reports more than 1,000 cardiac arrest fatalities over 15 years are connected to the failure of the device; battery failure accounting for almost one-quarter of the fatalities. MD, Lawrence DeLuca said: “Survival from cardiac arrest depends on the reliable operation of AEDs.”

Of the 40,787 defibrillator-related events reported to the FDA between January 1993 and October 2008, 1,150 (3%) of adverse events were connected to fatalities. 45% of failures occurred during the attempt to charge and deliver the shock. Problems with electrode pads and connectors accounted for 23.7% of the failures, leaving 23.2% of the issues being battery and power problems.



Equal Importance

Maintaining your defibrillator ensures it is available for use, during an emergency.

Maintain your life-saving device by stocking up on the essential components. Our Pad & Battery bundles equip you with everything your defibrillator needs to provide treatment to a person in cardiac arrest.


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