When looking at different defibrillator specifications you will come across the term ‘IP Rating’.

A defibrillator IP rating provides you with valuable information to determine which defibrillator is right for you to withstand the environmental elements in your selected location.


What Does IP Rating Mean?

IP stands for ‘ingress protection’.

The enclosure around any electrical or mechanical item has an IP rating applied. Ratings use two digits and is standardised , allowing you to compare, regardless of manufacturer.


Understanding the IP Rating

To completely understand an IP rating, investors need to consider the two numbers separately. The first number details, on a scale of 0 to 6 the degree of protection against solids including dust and dirt, providing an indication of how much a barrier there is for accidental contact.

The second digit is a number between 0 to 9 that represents the product’s level of protection against water. The number provides detail about the angle, intensity and depth of the water the product can withstand.

Combined together, the rating clarifies whether the device is suited to the environment you intend it to be located in.


The IP Rating Scale

First Digit Protection against Example
X or 0 No rating or no protection offered  
1 Solid objects larger than 50mm Accidental contact with an open palm
2 Solid objects larger than 12mm Accidental contact with a finger
3 Solid objects larger than 2.5mm Large tools, wires and bolts
4 Solid objects larger than 1mm Small tools, wires and nails, plus large insects
5 Dust and dirt, but not dust-tight Protected enough that the amount of dust or dirt that enters won’t affect the working of the device
6 Any dust or dirt. Dust-tight No solid particles can enter


Second Digit Protection against Example
X or 0 No rating or no protection offered  
1 Dripping water when the device is upright Condensation
2 Dripping water when the device is tilted to up to 15 degrees Rainfall
3 Spraying water Heavy rainfall
4 Splashing water from any direction Garden hose
5 Jets of water from any direction Industrial hose
6 Powerful jets of water from any direction Powerful water jets and heavy seas
7 Immersion up to 1 metre, temporarily Submerging in water for up to 30 minutes
8 Immersion beyond 1 metre for long periods Submerging in water for longer than 30 minutes
9 Prolonged immersion beyond 1 meter, under high pressures and temperatures Powerful water jets, steam cleaning, permanent submersion


Choosing the Right Defibrillator for You

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