Defibrillators are technologically advanced devices that help you save a life and a vital part of ownership is maintenance.

Multiple topics fall under the term ‘defibrillator maintenance’, so we’re exploring the essentials, to provide peace of mind that your device is compliant and ready for use.


Guardian Responsibility

Both electrode pads and batteries have expiry dates however, the shelf life of consumables varies depending on the manufacturer. If not used, they only need replacing at the end of their shelf life. It is the responsibility of the Guardian to be aware of when to order replacements.

Newer defibrillators, such as the LIFEPAK CR2 and the ZOLL AED 3 include Program Management software that reports on the consumable’s expiry dates and readiness of the device. You can register any defibrillator with defibshop’s free reminder service. Simply call one of our friendly experts with your expiry dates and we’ll take care of the rest.


Safe Storage

On receiving your defibrillator, the Guardian needs to ensure the device is stored in an easily accessible location, thus allowing for quick retrieval. No matter where you intend on storing your device, there will be a suitable storage option that safely houses your defibrillator and keeps you within budget.

Different storage solutions provide you with features that enhance the safety of your device. A simple starting point is Wall Brackets; your defibrillator slots onto the bracket and remains there strapped in place. This allows for a swift retrieval as there are no doors, lids or codes.

Storing your defibrillator outdoors requires something more robust to shield the device against the elements. Outdoor cabinets are either green or yellow in colour and display the universal symbol for defibrillators or the chain of survival on the front, allowing bystanders to easily identify the cabinet’s contents.

Outdoor cabinets include features such as:

  • Strobes – light up after opening the cabinet and prompts further assistance.
  • Coded Entry – adds an extra form of protection and hinders vandalism.
  • Heating – keeps both the defibrillator and accessories at optimum working temperature.


Easily Maintained

Defibrillator maintenance is key to ensuring your device is ready for use in the event of a cardiac emergency. Without in-date consumables, a rescue may be unsuccessful.

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