Finance offers a cost-effective solution for owning a defibrillator and making your business heart-safe. For a small business like defibshop, there are certain costs incurred that we deem as essential.

Currently, there is no law to make defibrillators essential for all workplaces although, we view them as essential for all locations.



Importance of Defibrillators

When paired with effective CPR, a defibrillator is the only definitive treatment for sudden cardiac arrest. For every minute that passes without treatment, the chance of survival drops by 10% for a person who has suffered a cardiac arrest. With effective CPR and defibrillation, survival chances increase from 6% to 74%.

A defibrillator is, therefore, an essential piece of equipment for reducing the number of deaths that occur as a result of sudden cardiac arrest.



Finance a Defibrillator for Less

The average business spends more on WIFI broadband each month than what they would spend financing a HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P which can be owned for just 61p a day (£18.91 a month) over a 5-year term.

finance a SAM PAD 350P


Many people rely on a daily coffee to help them wake up or function throughout the day. This becomes an expensive habit when the average price of a coffee is £2.55. Whilst for some, this may be a ‘necessary’ cost, it is considerably more than the cost of financing a ZOLL AED Plus.



The ZOLL AED Plus is available for just 85p per day over a 5-year term, working out at a fixed payment of £26.35 a month.

The Powerheart G5 defibrillator is available to finance from just 87p per day (£26.97 a month). This is less than the average monthly cost of a business phone contract.

finance a G5 defibrillator



Costings Case Study: defibshop

A printer is an essential piece of equipment for a business. Printing often incurs a high cost for all companies. Approximately £70 a month is spent on printing here at defibshop and small businesses alike. For larger companies, printing spend is considerably more.  A defibrillator could save the life of anyone that occupies the premises and the Physio Control’s CR2 semi-automatic defibrillator with WIFI can be financed from just £1.37 a day (£42.47 a month).

finance a CR2 semi wifi defibrillator


At defibshop, we spend an average amount of £50 per month on ‘essentials’ such as milk, sugar and coffee for the office.

An essential and life-saving defibrillator costs less to finance when compared to the average amount a small business might spend on kitchen supplies each month. The Philips HS1 is available to finance from just 70p a day (£21.70 a month) based on a 5-year term.

HS1 Finance defibrillator


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Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash